Demolition now complete, let’s watch this Erection start to take place!

Posted on Aug 9, 2016 |
Demolition now complete, let’s watch this Erection start to take place!

Within two days of my last post, the Demolition firm had ripped the property down which was very exciting for my two sons to watch, in fact, I was as intrigued as they were watching the machinery tear into the Bungalow that had sat on that land for many years!

The demolition part of the construction of a house is as we found the most exciting and speedy phase of construction. Usually for a complete demolition a house can be down within a day or two. I know from a friend in the Demolition trade that although demolition is typically fast, it is not uncomplicated. It is key that the Demolition Manager/Site Manager has a clear strategy which can save significant time and avoid delays.

The cost of demolishing a house ranges from £6,000 - £8,000 for a small detached property around 80-120m2 up to £12,000 to £15,000 for substantial sized properties. If the Demolition Firm can salvage materials this can mitigate some of the costs, however with this property on Woodside Way I would be surprised if they had many items that could be salvaged!

The following order of works is typical for demolishing a house:

•Cut off and cap all services such as main water and sewer connection, electricity, gas and telephone.

•Erect site fencing and protect the site; erect scaffold if required (not required on this property).

•Hazardous material (i.e. asbestos) removed under licence or by specialists if necessary.

•Soft strip all loose items, kitchen, sanitary ware, and remove all cabling, lighting, plumbing, radiators etc.

•Remove all doors, windows frames, linings, internal/external timber mouldings etc.

•Strip roof and lead flashings.

•Remove structural timbers, joists and trusses.

•Demolish walls, salvaging bricks for example. Unwanted materials can be removed for crushing.

•Break up remainder and grub up foundations and redundant drains.

The demolition Company are still on site at the property which is getting close to 14 days now, let’s hope the Owner negotiated a flat rate rather than day rates for this!

I am looking forward to seeing the next stages of the project and finding out the Building Contractor that the Investor has appointed for the works and will keep you posted with the next update!

If I were a betting man (which I am on a Saturday at 3pm) I wouldn’t be surprised if they will select Bickford Builders who carried out the new build property opposite which looks incredible, the details of this property can be found at:-…/new-build-de…/

If you are looking for a good quality building firm from what I have seen I would highly recommend

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